Aloha Mānoa School Community,

Thank you so much for your continuous support.
To date, we have raised $122,400! We are getting closer to hitting our goal of raising $136,000

Now that we have paid for our AC units for all classrooms, our next task is to raise the $13,600 needed to fund our enrichment program. If you can, please consider setting up a recurring monthly donation of $20. Click the donate button located in the top right-hand corner to set up your payment

Please continue supporting the Mānoa School APT by supporting our Barnes and Noble Book Fair this Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm at Barnes and Noble Ala Moana.
Almost there, Team Tiger! Let's bring it home.

Mahalo nui loa!
Umma Berkelman
President Manoa School APT  


2022-2023 Goal 

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Welcome to Mānoa School Association of Parents & Teachers (APT)

Who are we?

The Mānoa School Association of Parents & Teachers (APT) is a volunteer, registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization consisting of parents, teachers, and staff members who work tirelessly to provide support for supplemental programs, equipment, and funds - above and beyond those available from the Department of Education - to enhance the educational opportunities for the students of Mānoa School.

Did you know?

A version of the APT was organized in 1928 after a "Mother's Club" was started in 1902. One of the reasons Mānoa Elementary School remains successful is our long tradition of partnership between parent, child, and teacher. All of us need to work together.

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Mānoa School Association of Parents & Teachers (APT)

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