Aloha, Parents and Community Members,
We did it, thanks to you! Despite the ups and downs of this school year, our community has come together once again. Our goal was to raise $120,000, and together, we made it happen! Special Acknowledgements We extend a special thank you to all our donors, especially our SUPER DONOR, Chad Magers, for his outstanding support. We also would like to thank all our 2023/2024Tiger Trek donors :
Siberian Tiger Sponsor
Chad Magers
Platinum Tiger Sponsors
Modtech Communications and Technology
Ota & Hara LLLP
Haumea Design LLC, dba Keiki Kau Kau
Under My Umbrella, Inc
Miyakonjo Hawaii, LLC
Accounting Management, LLC
Diamond Head Navigation
Gold Tiger Sponsors
Gerard Bastiaanse
Hanalei Beauty Company
Dempsey Pacific
Advanced Life Insurance Strategies, Inc
White Tiger Sponsors
Bryan Mih, MD LLC
Pacific Edge Magazine
Punchbowl Fender Works, Inc
Christy Yee & Family
Umma Berkelman & Family

Our volunteers and the broader community have also been crucial to our success. If you see Representative Andrew Garrett around town, please thank him for his tremendous support of Manoa School throughout the current and past legislative sessions.

Reflecting on our year, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our amazing parents, guardians, and community members for supporting our fundraisers and contributing to our Mānoa School Annual Giving Campaign. Your generosity and support have made it possible to achieve our fundraising goal of $126,000.

With your support, we have funded: An additional A/C unit for a classroom: $6,300 Supplemental school operational expenses & facility maintenance equipment: $43,700 Grade level & teacher stipends - $11,300 Tiger Trek Day: $10,300 School-wide community events, campus beautification, and more.$10,500 School-wide events etc include: Caf/staff appreciation & counselor lunches $1,935.88 Music $1,024.94 Otemon $1,996.47 5th grade celebration $785.00 Bingo Night $4,749.14 We also coordinated a community school gathering with Iolani School to remember and honor Sakurako, Orion, Nana Oda at the Waikiki Shell

Additionally, we secured a $25,000 grant from the Weinberg Foundation to support social-emotional programs for our faculty and students and to fund one community event. I will continue to work with Principal Okamoto to administer this grant next school year.

To our donors, you are the backbone of our community. Without you, we could not support our faculty, staff, and beloved school. To everyone who supported our fundraisers by purchasing products, thank you—you made it happen. And to all our volunteers, it takes a village to manage and run our events, so thank you!

This year’s successes wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing board members: Mako Ikemiyagi and Kimberly Sung, who stood by me through thick and thin, Jessica, our Secretary, for keeping our community informed, Alyssa Kapaona and Christy Yee, for planning our school picnics, Marcus Suzuki, Mako Ikemiyagi, and Jessica Yokota for managing Tiger Trek, Alyssa Kauanoe and Kelsey Soma Turek for leading our "Tis the Season", holiday fundraiser, Jeannin Jeremiah, and Christy Yee for managing the Regal Foods Fundraiser, Mako Ikemiyagi for the Night Under the Stars Dinner Fundraiser, Kay Yamaguchi for all our wonderful event designs, and Kimberly Sung for managing finances and settlements.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To our amazing Principal, Mr. Okamoto, and team: We thank you for your support and partnership.

Our collaboration and teamwork are essential to keeping our community united. I truly appreciate your commitment to helping Mānoa School provide our keiki with the best learning experiences, programs, and activities. On behalf of our board members, have a wonderful summer!
.With sincere appreciation, 

Umma Berkelman
President Mānoa School Association of Parents and Teachers   


2023-2024 Goal 

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Welcome to Mānoa School Association of Parents & Teachers (APT)

Who are we?

The Mānoa School Association of Parents & Teachers (APT) is a volunteer, registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization consisting of parents, teachers, and staff members who work tirelessly to provide support for supplemental programs, equipment, and funds - above and beyond those available from the Department of Education - to enhance the educational opportunities for the students of Mānoa School.

Did you know?

A version of the APT was organized in 1928 after a "Mother's Club" was started in 1902. One of the reasons Mānoa Elementary School remains successful is our long tradition of partnership between parent, child, and teacher. All of us need to work together.

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